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Welcome to the Verrucae website

This website has been written by Elizabeth Smith, Podiatrist to The Whiteley Clinic in Guildford (www.easmithchiropodist.co.uk).

The purpose of this website is to describe what verrucae - or commonly known as verrucas - are. The treatment of verrucas is discussed on the sister site, www.verruca-treatment.co.uk.

What are verrucas?

Photo of verrucasIt is now universally accepted that warts or verrucae are caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

When you get a human papilloma virus of the skin, if it is on the hands or face it commonly looks like a small "cauliflower" of skin - which is easily recognizable to most of us as a wart.

When the same thing occurs on the sole of the foot, due to pressure, the wart cannot grow outwards from the skin surface. As such, it presses back into the surface of the skin becoming a verruca. Therefore warts and verrucas are essentially the same - only their appearance changes.

Where verrucas usually found?

Warts or verrucas can be found anywhere there is skin. Verrucas are found on the feet. Usually, verrucas are found on the weight bearing areas - the heel, side and ball of feet or the underside of the toes.

However they can be found between the toes or on the tips, sides or tops of the toes. They are rarely found on the top of the foot itself - although this is possible.

The distribution of verrucas if determined by where a human papilloma virus infection is most likely to be caught.

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